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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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B. Progress and Accomplishments (Continued)

o Forty unsolicited grants were awarded for projects of national sig-
nificance to improve elementary and secondary education* These
projects were designed to improve mathematics and science instruc-
tions address recommendations of the National Commission on Excel-
lence in Education* and advance teacher quality through incentives.
In addition* other projects were supported to expand parental
choice in education* increase literacy in the school-age populations
improve teacher trainings promote awareness of illiteracy, and
develop programs to teach English as a second language.

National Diffusion Network:

o The National Diffusion Network continued support of 51 Developer
Demonstrator grants; funded 53 new State Facilitator grants and 40
new Developer Demonstrator grants in varied areas including the
priority areas of technology, adult literacy, reading, science and
math; assisted in the implementation of one new "technology light-
house11 in addition to the continuation of ten initially funded in
previous years; identified 30 new promising practices in different
geographic areas; and gave assistance to 60 programs for their
submittals to the Joint Dissemination Review Panel.

Education Television and Technology:

o Three new television series and the third season of the popular
3-2-1 CONTACT! program, all contributing to improved elementary and
secondary science education* were aired on public television for the
first time. Another activity was the multi-media, interdisciplinary
program The Voyage of the MIMI. It combined television, print,
and software materials with the objective of increasing children's
understanding of science, mathematics, and technology* Marketed
by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, The Voyage of the MI HI is also
coming to the attention of educatorsthrougha teacher-training
program supported by the National Science Foundation, Also com-
pleted were four new television series targeted at the teen-age
audience. Two in the first category (3-2-1 CONTACT! and POWERHOUSE)
received a special Action for Children's Television award and a
Gabriel Award, respectively; two in the last category (SOMEBODY
ELSE'S PLACE and MOVING RIGHT ALONG) received the Gold Award at
the New York International Film Festival and the Ohio State Award
for excellent film-making, respectively*

o Three major software development projects were completed and their
products, designed to improve instruction in writing, reading, and
mathematics in upper elementary and secondary classrooms through the
application of microcomputers, are currently being made available
to schools by D.C. Heath, WICAT, Inc., and Encyclopedia Britannica,